Accidentally in Love with...a God? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Accidentally in Love with...A God?  (Accidentally Yours, #1)Accidentally in Love with...A God? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it (my current rating) it was amazing

Publisher: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Date Published: February 17th 2012
Genre: Supernatural Romance

Such a thrilling read! I've never read anything like it.

Emma Keane has lived her entire life with a voice inside her head. He dictates a lot of what she does, and he never leaves her alone. Trying to find a love life is impossible. Trying to be a regular human being is impossible. All Emma wants is to be normal. So after awaking from a coma she goes to Mexico to find the voice inside her heads' body. Because he says he has one, and he is real, she's not crazy. Right?

Guy (at least, that's what Emma calls him), has been stuck in a cenote for seventy plus years. He's a god who was supposed to hunt down and kill the evil Mayan priests that had stolen women from villages across Mexico. But he opens a jar filled with something evil that disintegrates him to dust and traps him in the cenote. But Guy can talk to Emma in her mind and he feels the need to protect her because she is everything he wants and needs.

Not my best summery, but it'll do. I was very pleased with this book. I wasn't expecting the book to keep me on my toes and so engaged. I loved the author's quirky sense of humor, the way she made the characters so realistic, and all of the great characteristics the book had. The fact that she could make the characters viewpoints so different and yet make total sense was amazing. When the characters got into an argument the reader could see both sides without being too biased. It was like watching a really difficult court case. Fantastic!

I had such a fun time reading this book, it wasn't exactly light, but it had a lightness to it that made it all the more engaging. Such a great read. I'll definitely be reading more from this author.

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Twenty-two-year-old Emma Keane has a secret friend. He’s powerful, mysterious, and devastatingly handsome. In her dreams, anyway. 

In real life, he’s an enigma. Maybe just a teensie jealous. Definitely overbearing. He’s also a voice only she can hear. 

So who or what is he? He won’t say. But if she wants to be free, to be normal, Emma will have to trek to the jungles once ruled by the Mayans and find the forgotten ruin holding the answers.

However, the ruthless deity she’s about to unknowingly unleash on the modern world might not be so easily extracted from her life. Bottom line, he’s got enemies, and now, so does she. 



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