A Little Bit About Me
I'm a globetrotting bookwork in college with a hard case of wanderlust. I read books to escape the woes of the world, and to pretend I'm a warrior dragon princess ready to take on someone not quite as cool as I. Yup, this is what badassery looks like. I also enjoy writing, most recently I've been writing for my chapter of the online women's magazine Her Campus

About My Blog
Up until now my blog has been a book blog only. I reviewed books I like, mostly YA and NA, and I participated in memes and such. Well, that's all about to change. You may have noticed the 'website under construction' signs. I'm changed my pages, adding some here, deleting some there, and I'm changing this from a book blog to a book and travel blog. I've been contemplating this for a while and I've decided 2017 is the year to do it. Also, adult fiction has grown on me. I know I had a strict no adult fiction rule before but now adult fiction makes up most of what I read, so I'm adding it to my repertoire. Be on the lookout for changes coming up. 

On a more historical note, I started this blog in November of 2012 and it's still kicking. There have been changes here and there, dull periods where I've been abroad and have stopped blogging altogether. That's part of the reason I'm adding the travel bit to the blog, I guess we'll see how it goes.

Want to find out more about me and my blog? Explore the pages that have information like my page on Policies or The Kooky Corner. Feel free to shoot me an email or talk on Facebook or Twitter.

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Willaim Hai said...

Focal library which for a history nut and savant like me was much the same as headway writers being in ..... remained in line to see Santa at the silly treat house at Capitol

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