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I'm sure we all know what piracy is. Not the kind you find in historical romance with captains sweeping ladies off their feet, but rather, illegally downloading something for free, whether it be a song or a movie or in this case, a book. I'm sure some of you have downloaded a book for free, not in least concerned. I'll admit that I did once, and then realized that it was wrong and deleted it, buying the book on my Kindle the very next day.

I've been doing some reading on book piracy, and I am appalled at how many people are okay with it. I've heard arguments that it's the same thing as borrowing a book from a library (see John Green's response to that by clicking here), another is that people have already bought the hard copy book, why should they have to pay again for the digital copy?

I found some thoughts people had about book piracy on Goodreads which you can see all of by clicking here. One person who claimed to be an author had the perfect explanation of why piracy is wrong:

"Book piracy is indefensible. It is theft, and any arguments that attempt to justify piracy are usually over-entitled rants that come down to: 'But I want it!'" -Andrew

He goes on to say "My book costs $0.99. If you don't want to pay that, then don't read my book. I am totally fine with you not reading my book if you can't or won't pay for it."

"...if you want reading material for free, then you should support your local library. Libraries are closing all over the place because their funding is being cut due to lack of circulation. Libraries have to be used in order to get funded." -Doc

 Doesn't that sum it up? If you don't want to pay for a book, then simply don't read it. Or go to your local library. Don't steal someone's hard work. You wouldn't want someone getting something you had put a lot of time and effort into, why should you steal what is others hard work? Really? Is there any good excuse for that? Because I haven't found one.

  I've read about a million people (okay, maybe less than that, but a lot of people. Seriously. A LOT of people) whining about how they bought the hard copy and don't want to buy the digital copy as well because everything is so expensive.

Yes, books are expensive. Paperbacks are typically around ten dollars and hard cover books can be up around twenty dollars, though they're not always. You want to know why I got an e-reader? One, because books are cheaper online (and with the amount of books I go through, I need to save every penny I can), and because I travel a lot. People get incredibly annoyed with me when I bring back a suitcase filled with books over the airlines weight limit instead of trinkets from foreign lands.

I have books in print. And I have books in digital. I prefer print, but they are more expensive. I only buy a book in both print and digital if it's one of my favorites (an example would be the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout, or any of her NA novels). Saying "I already bought it, I don't want to pay for it again!" is being selfish and greedy. If you really don't want to spend the extra money to have a book in both print and digital, than don't. 

You don't need to have every single book you own in both print and digital. You may want it, but then like any other wants, you have to pay for it. Piracy is not an excuse. It really isn't. And why must you own every book you read? I've never understood that. If I can read a book at a library, I will. And if I love that book to pieces then I buy myself a copy. But I don't need to or want to own every book I read.
Now as I don't wan this whole page to be a rant I will leave it at that. But if you would like to read more about piracy I do have some links that are very informative. Joanne Harris has an FAQ page for book piracy and why it is wrong. You can take a look at that here. She makes some great points. Jennifer Armentrout has several posts about piracy and what is wrong with it. Here is one of the posts, which drives home the point.

Though if you want a look into a pirate's mind, you can click here.

And here are 25 thoughts on book piracy.

  I would hope that all of you are convinced now that piracy is a bad thing. Really, your opinion doesn't matter in this. Piracy is illegal, so according to the law, it is a bad thing. We all dislike some laws out there, but I'm a supporter of this one. I just wish they could enforce it better.

  Now, let's get past all of this doom and gloom. It's starting to sound like a complaint. My mom always says never complain if you don't have a solution. I don't have a solution to stop piracy for good. I don't think anyone does. But I do have a proposal that pay help.

I think we should all raise awareness of why it's a bad thing to pirate books. The only time I ever pirated a book, I didn't think it was a bad thing. Because I didn't know the problems it caused for authors, publishers, editors, agents, and readers. I was ignorant to all of that. And I think a lot of people pirating books are misguided in their beliefs. If we bring to light the problems piracy causes, maybe it will help reduce piracy.

How many people have taken the pledge to not text and drive?  I have. This is sort of like that. No, it may not have a real impact on piracy, but one can hope. For some people pledges, promises, etc. have a meaning. So hopefully they will stick to it. 

Here's how this is going to work.

You sign the guestbook below pledging not to pirate books, add any points you'd like to make. If you are for piracy I would ask you not to comment in the guestbook, as it is meant for pledgers. Please show some common courtesies. I honestly hope no one is for piracy. I would hope that all of the links I have provided would convince you otherwise.

Really that's all I'm asking you to do. Sign the guestbook pledging against piracy. You don't even have to use your real name. You can use a nickname. Now if you would like to do more you can help bring awareness of book piracy and the problems with it. I can give you some options on how to do that.

1. Do a post on your blog, on Facebook, or Twitter, or Tumblr, etc.
2. Start your own pledge page against book piracy (or something better, as I'm sure loads of you have very creative ideas)
3. Use one of the images on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog to help promote anti-piracy
4. Add the anti-piracy badge from the sidebar to your blog
5. Name your own idea :)

Feel free to send and/or use your own images. These are just examples (more to come). You can send me your own images, banners, badges etc. at

And don't forget to like the Pledge Against Book Piracy Facebook page! Leave your thoughts or comments there, and share!

Happy reading and thank you!


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 Pledge Against Book Piracy
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