Rule by Jay Crownover

Rule (Rule #1)Rule by Jay Crownover
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I was honestly surprised. I have seen some mixed reviews about this book so I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not. I kind of loved it in a way. It was different then I expected it to be, and I think it rocked. Or rather, it 'ruled.' Yeah, I'd never make it as a comedian.

It starts off with one of the two main characters, Shaw, driving Rule to Sunday brunch at Rule's family's house. Rule doesn't get on with his family. His twin brother died and his mother blamed him for it, so it's a little tense at best. Rome, who is Rule's older brother is home from being injured for an IED.

Everything falls apart, and then it fits back together as the story goes on. Rule is surprisingly awesome, and Shaw is a pretty cool chick. One of the conflicts in the story is Shaw's ex-butt head boyfriend is stalking her. Tons of things go up in smoke (none of which I will mention, read the damn book people) but at the end of the day it made one helluva love story.

Did I like this book? Yes, I thought it was awesome. The only problem I really had with the book was the spelling and grammar issues. It needed some serious editing, but if you can get past that there was a spectacular story beneath.

I think I actually sighed at the end. It was a good ending. It was realistic. Things weren't perfect, but they were happy and good, so all was well. I seriously think you guys should read this, and the grammatical errors and spelling errors you can get past.

No I'm not kidding. I mean it. Check it out.

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I had loved Rule Archer since the first moment I ever laid eyes on him. He was everything I shouldn't want and the only person I went out of my way to not try and please. He only saw me as a brat, and an entitled, stuck up princess but worse than that all he saw when he looked at me was his deceased twin's girl. It broke my heart because as much as I had loved Remy Archer there was never anything romantic between us and no matter how hard I tried to convince myself that loving Rule was a terrible idea, my poor heart just wouldn't listen. We tolerated each other, barely and had forged an uneasy alliance until one night I had too much to drink and changed the way we were forever. Suddenly life long secrets were no longer hidden and the one thing I always wanted for myself seemed obtainable as long as I was willing to go through hell to hold onto it.

Shaw Landon was a class act and I had no idea what to do with her. She was tied to my family, tied to the person that was my other half so I tolerated her and her haughty attitude when I didn't have any other choice. What I didn't know was that a short skirt and too many cocktails on her birthday was going to change my outlook on her for the rest of my life. Some people thought I hid behind all my tattoos and piercings, that I tried to distance myself from my dead twin, Shaw saw through it all and wasn't scared of what was underneath. We weren't supposed to be together, weren't supposed to be anything but uncomfortable acquaintances but that all changed in the blink of an eye. Now I had to figure out just how a girl like her and a guy like me were supposed to be in love without destroying each other. Add in her custom made ex and two disapproving sets of parents and the whole situation sounded like it was more trouble then it was worth.



charmaine smith said...

Even though I feel this is geared towards the teen-early twenties readers it was still an interesting and different read. Instead of the perfect groomed man...u get a tattooed, modern man...nice to have a different twist.

Charmaine Smith (Fishing Lodge Alaska)

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