Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
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Oh.My.Freaking.Holy.Jesus.God. This has to be the best book I have ever read, and I've read quite a few books. This was so different than I expected it to be. It was amazing. Awesome. Epic. {through in uber-cool adjectives here}

I mean, I knew that I would probably like, especially considering it sounded a lot like X-Men and my favorite character in X-Men is Rogue. But this was a dystopian novel, and those I usually don't dig. But I truly loved it.

Before this my favorite book/series in the whole wide world was the Hush, Hush Saga, because like every other girl I absolutely adored Patch. But this is even better. Probably because of the soldiers. I've always imagined myself falling in love with a soldier, mainly because growing up overseas your parents either work for the military or D.O.D. (Department of Defense)

But the way the author wrote the book, like with the whole crossing-the-words-out and such, its relatable to how I think sometimes. Though my personal dilemmas aren't nearly as drastic as killing a person with a simple touch of my hand. And I've never been in an asylum, and I'm not sure I ever want to be.

I guess this book is my new favorite because it's relatable, in a weird way. I mean, I don't have any supernatural/paranormal powers, I haven't fallen in love yet, and I don't really worry about food shortages where I live.

But it goes back to the whole soldier thing. Most of my friends have parents in either the army, air force, navy, or marines. So the soldier thing is understandable. And honestly, since I'm such a paranormal geek I love the idea of having powers and standing out from other people, though it would really suck not being able to touch anyone.

And the falling in love thing. I'm probably way to young to fall in love, but its something I've always yearned for since I began reading young adult paranormal romance novels. I suppose its naive to think things like that, but you have to feel it to understand it. You can't really explain it. That's why I like this book. It relatable in a totally unrelateable way, sort of like an oxymoron.

I read on the author's website that the books been out since November and already she's sold the movie rights. That's pretty impressive from my perspective, I've read some pretty amazing books that have been out for years and have not once gotten their movie rights sold.

I suggest you read it, if your into paranormal dystopian romance novels. Or even if your not, its pretty surprising how good it is. I'd say it definitely rivals my other favorite books. :D

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(This review I wrote last year December time. I think I'm going to write other reviews in a more professional style, though I may stick to this. This review came straight from my Goodreads review. Please ignore any mispelled words. Spelling is not my forte)


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