Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Obsidian (Lux, #1)Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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When people mention aliens I think of green slimy creatures from outer space who like to eat flesh and terrorize people. I do not think of super hot super bad ass neighbors who pose at normal teenagers. To say this book took me by surprise is an understatement.
The protagonist of the story is named Katy. She moves to West Virginia from Florida and has to deal with the craziness of a small town and a world of change. I actually like Katy, whereas most female protagonists are too silly to like and I only read the book because of the hot male lover.
Not Katy. She is instantly likable and relatable. How many people who read books like to read? A fair amount, I'm sure. And how many of those people who like to read review books on blogs? Well I am certainly one of those people. And even if you aren't exactly like her (I know I'm not), she's a really nice character that's portrayed very well.
Daemon is... whoa, just... whoa. He starts off as a total jackass and I wouldn't have the control Katy does. I would have slapped him immediately. Yes he has this big secret... but really? Do you have to be so mean? I probably wouldn't have ever liked him with his horrid attitude if I didn't understand the why part of it.
That's the thing; you shouldn't judge any people (or fictional characters) unless you know their reasoning behind their actions. Since I understood his reasoning's, I ended up liking him. I mean, if it was my families life versus a friendship, I'd choose keeping them alive too. I gotta hand it to Katy, she's a lot stronger than I am with putting up with people's crap.
But you also see it from Katy's point of view in the matter. To be humiliated like that in front of everyone... dang, that girl has guts. I understand what it's like to be humiliated like that in front of lots of people and I can say that I still hold a grudge, and I didn't retaliate then. Katy isn't a weak girl who needs saving, and I really admire that about her.
So yeah, you can see this book and go 'aliens, eww,' or you can read it and go 'that was the most fudge-bunnies-and-fucktastic-awesome book ever!' Or something like that.

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