Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer

Bloodrose (Nightshade, #3)Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer
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I think I should've read this book before 'Shatter Me' since I read it the day after... well, I guess I didn't appriciate it as much. I knew how it was going to end because I couldn't resist a peek at some of the other peoples reviews (very bad Kacii!).

I did really like, I kind of wished that Ren didn't die because of his sister and because Calla should've given him a fair chance. I really wished they'd had sex, but unfortunately genies only grant so many wishes.

I still think this is an amazing book, along with the other books in the series. One thing I particaularly liked is the ending. I was expecting a cliched ending where everyone lived happily ever after, and since I like to write myself, I understand why she wrote the story she did.

I am a very cruel writer myself, I love to make my readers go crazy and start breaking things (it has happened before) so I don't know if Andrea Cremer taskes pleasure in the readers zig-zagging emotions, or if she wanted her story to end on a unique note. Maybe I'm way off here but unfortunately I don't have the authors phone number so I can't go call her and ask.

I think I prefered the other book covers, though that has nothing to do with the story and you should never judge a book by its cover. Even its title. My grandmothers in a play called 'A Man Who Came to Dinner.' Stupidest name of a play I ever did here. They couldn't have been a little more creative? I mean seriously? But its actually a really funny show. So never judge a book by its cover or its title.


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