Blood on the Moon by Jennifer Knight

Blood on the Moon (Blood on the Moon, #1)Blood on the Moon by Jennifer Knight
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See the thing about being sick and stuck at home is that you through a lot of books. I had to order a whole new set because I've read every book in my house and I'm coughing my head off so I can't go to school. I don't like TV all that much so I resort to books.

This book happens to be pretty good, though without a doubt cliched. But thats okay, I like cliched books. Most of the books in my library are cliched vampire and werewolf novels. I mean, there are slight changes with every novel, but they're more or less the same.

I'm interested to know what happens next in this, I checked the authors website and found shes writing a sequel but I don't know any more besides that. The only thing thats uber-ly different with this book from other books is that Faith has this weird thing going on with her.

I'm curious to know if its a supernatural power, or just a fluke or something. I'm betting on supernatural power, because publishers don't publish cliched books that you can see everywhere. I also want to know whats happening to Derek, because a vampire-werewolf hybrid sounds pretty cool.

So even though this was probably the most cliched story I have ever read, I really liked it and want to read the next one. I'm trying my hardest to be an optimist here, but I'm probably the biggest pessimist alive.

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