Starting off I would like to announce the winner of the Origin giveaway!


Congrats, Megan! You win a Kindle copy of Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout. You have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

And on to other things...

So recently I've been a mess as far as posting goes. I held the Origin giveaway as an apology for that but it's still a mess. I'm in the process of moving so things are kind of hectic. I have a plan, though. And here it is:

Every Monday I will choose a book with a cool word in it and feature the book on my blog. Now I say 'cool' word, but it may just be a 'cool' word to me. I don't know. I like to collect 'cool' words, and who knows? Maybe you do too.

Every Tuesday I will choose a book and a song that I thing represents a theme in the book. Some people have playlists that they make to go with a book. Some authors do it too and have the playlists at the end of the book.

Every Wednesday is a meme day. Waiting on Wednesday to be precise. If you don't know, it's a meme about what books you're waiting for.

Every Thursday I'll be doing a spotlight on another book blog. I may interview the bloggers, or something. I'll be doing a feature of some kind on the blog. This might not start right away, as I'll have to get in contact with the other blogs before I can do a feature on them.

Friday is my day off for planning and just chilling. It's the end of the week, I don't want to be thinking about everything I have to do.

Saturday is another meme day. Stacking the Shelves. It's the books that I have collected during the week, whether from the library, bought, borrowed, or won in a giveaway.

Sunday is usually another meme day used for recapping the week and getting a preview for the next week. I won't be doing that again until I'm back to my normal schedule (at least two months from now). We really don't need a recap and preview if it's going to be the same thing every week. So this will be another day for chilling and planning.

All of this goes into effect on Monday, October 7th 2013.

Thanks a bundle,



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