Wanted by Kelly Elliott

Wanted (Wanted, #1)Wanted by Kelly Elliott
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
didn't like it it was ok (my current rating) liked it really liked it it was amazing

Publisher: Kelly Elliott
Date Published: December 28th 2012
Genre: Mature YA/NA Crossover

Ellie Johnson has been verbally abused by her mother for years because her father walked out on her mother and her mother blames Ellie. Gunner has a super strict military dad that expects Gunner to follow in his footsteps or leave and don't look back. Apart they're broken. Together they're complete.

I'm sorry, but I don't really think much of this book. There was so much drama I was feeling sick. I hate the kind of drama that's in this book. People getting pregnant, trust all over the place, and everyone is out of their blimin minds!

Everything was too fake and unreal. It was corny, you know? Not a good read. I kept having to put the book down because I needed to simultaneously hurl and roll my eyes. I couldn't stand the teen angst that was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdone.

Pity points. That's what my two stars are. Definitely not my kind of book. But if you love drama that's all over the place, by all means ignore me and read this book.

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Verbally abused by her mother for years, 18 year old Ellie Johnson always believed she would never be loved or wanted by anyone. She focused all of her attention on her grades and getting into the University of Texas to start a new life away from her mother.

The last thing Ellie expected was to fall in love with Gunner Mathews, a starting linebacker for the University of Texas football team and not to mention, her brothers best friend.
Gunner only had two passions in life, football and his grandfather’s ranch, until he falls for his best friends little sister. He will stop at nothing to show Ellie how much he wants her, even if it means he has to move faster than she would like.

Gunner knows they are meant to be together forever, but Ellie keeps denying her feelings out of fear of being hurt again. Every time he gets close to winning her love, something pushes her away again. Will Ellie ever be able to let go of the past and let him into her heart and will Gunner be patient enough to wait for her?

What will it take for them to realize they are all each other have ever WANTED?
I'm not going to recommend it, but if you want to add it to your TBR shelf here's the link:

And I'm not adding the buy links, because I really don't want to go that far in offering the book up to you. I know, it's just y opinion and the book may actually be considered good to a lot of people, but if you really want to read this book that badly you're going to have to find it yourself. I simply can't stomach it.



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