A New Year of Books

     How many people are excited about the New Year?

happy joy
     We survived 2012 baby, and now we're heading on to 2013! I have recently been introduced to GIFs, so I'll be using some of those to express the awesomeness that is the New Year.
     I don't do many posts that are about me rambling on here. I do put input in my posts, but really, who wants to hear about me droning on and on? Certainly not me. You want the giveaways, the interviews, the blog tours, the reviews, and everything else that comes with being a book blog.

     Yet here I am, about to start rambling on. Or have I already started? I probably have. I apologize in advance for boring you in my long drawn-out ramblings. But there is a reason for this tedious post. I'm pretty sure you can take a guess from the title of the post.
     So, 2013 begins today. And guess what? That means it brings us into a new world of books and waiting in agony for what we all love the most in the world. Books.

Happy Dance

     Have you checked out my new page, 'Upcoming?' No? Well you might want to every now and then. The page name says everything. Upcoming reviews, interviews, blog tours, giveaways, cover reveals, and of course the books I'm desperately awaiting.
     Every now and then I go through my entire to-read shelf on Goodreads and look at the books I'm dying to read and write down when they come out. The last time I checked my to-read list was probably two days ago. So my list of books I'm waiting on is pretty up to date.
     Now of course there are books that I don't know about that I'm going to want to read. I'll probably add those on later on. And you probably will notice something rather peculiar about the books on my waiting list on here. Almost all of them come out on a Tuesday. I didn't notice that until I copied them all onto my upcoming page.
     That was totally random and besides the point. But there you go. Save up your money for Tuesdays and then you'll have enough money for all the books you want. Don't even think about getting that manuscript illegally. That's stealing, and I know I'd be pretty pissed if I was the writer and people were downloading my writing without paying for it. So don't do it. Ever.

angry Devito

     Now that we've gotten that conversation out of the way, I know you may want to check out the release dates for your fav books which may be on my list. I also know that some of you are probably as lazy as me, Garfield lazy that is, and don't want to click on the page.

That's cool. I feel like that all the time. So here you go, below is the upcoming list of books I'm waiting on:

Release Dates for Books I Want to Read:
Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi - Tuesday January 8th 2013
Boundless by Cynthia Hand - Tuesday January 22nd 2013
Prodigy by Marie Lu - Tuesday January 29th 2013
Asunder by Jodi Meadows - Tuesday January 29th 2013
Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi - Tuesday February 5th 2013
The Obvious Game by Rita Arens - Thursday February 7th 2013
Requiem by Lauren Oliver - Tuesday March 5th 2013
With All My Soul by Rachel Vincent - Tuesday March 19th 2013
Light by Michael Grant - Tuesday April 2nd 2013
The Collector by Victoria Scott - Tuesday April 2nd 2013
The Rising by Kelley Armstrong - Tuesday April 9th 2013
Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire - Tuesday April 16th 2013
Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins - Tuesday April 30th 2013
Goddess by Josephine Angelini - Tuesday May 28th 2013
Dare You To by Katie McGarry - Tuesday May 28th 2013
Elegy by Tara Hudson - Tuesday June 4th 2013

     I'm still waiting on release dates for some books. When I get those then I'll add them to the list. Also for 2013 I'm participating in my very first blog tour--yay!--The Obvious Game by Rita Arens. That happens on February 20th. And of course I'll be doing reviews and author interviews and such. Hopefully I will reach 500 followers by May. If I do then I'll be having a 500 follower giveaway where I'll be giving away some swag I've picked up for our favorite books.

Happy New Year everyone!



Shainee said...

Excited about your "upcoming" section. My new year resolution is to save more money than last year to buy books. Thanks for posting the release dates. Its really helpful. I would hang it on my wall :-D Loved your rambling dear! Happy 2013 to you too !!!


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