Hush, Hush Movie

     How many of you have heard that Hush, Hush has been optioned for a movie? The rights have been sold and I believe they have a screen writer working on it. Though don't hold me to that, because it's all Chinese whispers where this is concerned.
     Check out the whole story here or at Entertainment Weekly by clicking here.
     How cool is this? I guess we don't really have to say goodbye to Nora and Patch. That makes me happy. The part that I'm nervous about is who will be playing Nora and Patch. I didn't like who they choose for the Twilight characters to play Bella (no offense, Kristen, but you just don't show enough emotion or play the part the way I imagined Bella), and Edward (Robert Patterson, I know I am being totally judgemental on looks, but you don't look anything like my Edward in my head. You played the part well, you just didn't look the part to me). Everyone else was fine and dandy, especially Alice, Jasper, and Jacob. The casting people got them spot-on.
     I will admit I always pretended to fantasize about me playing Nora, though I highly doubt I'd make a good Nora. The Nora in my head does not match the face in the mirror. I just hope who they do choose will be superb. And Patch, well, I am almost certain they will not find a perfect Patch. And yes, I am challenging you casting people!
     I guess we will see what happens. I'm crossing my fingers that the writer doesn't change anything, and I'm crossing my fingers that they find a perfect Nora and Patch. I love the Hush, Hush Saga, I don't want them poisoning the images in my head. Please get it right!



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