Plague by Michael Grant

Plague (Gone, #4)Plague by Michael Grant
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Okay first off: Diana's pregnant? Did she learn nothing in Sex Ed about birth control?

Second: Is Little Pete actually dead, or did he just go poof?

Third: Will they ever get out of the FAYZ?

So I'm a total idiot for not reading this book like a year ago when it actually came out. My parents had limited me to how many books I could buy. My friends always complain that I am not a normal human being, prefering the company of books rather than actual living people.

Eh, I think I may be in love with a few fictional characters. But hey? We all have our own imaginary friends. Mine are just inspired by various author's imaginations. I least I know that if I am ever locked in a padded cell I will never be lonely with my books. That's if I'm allowed them. If not I'll talk to my imaginary firends.

So this book was awesome, like all of the other ones before it. I finished it in two days flat. I've would've finished it in one, but unfortunately I'm required to go to this mandatory thing called 'school.' Oh, and you'd never guess what I have to do there. I actually have to learn. Not like I haven't tried hiding books in my textbooks or under the desk.

I can't say that I have ever read any books quite like these. They have all of the supernatural coolness like in X-Men, but the lovely teenagerness that comes with teenagers, and a heck of a lot of disturbing horror stuff.

I don't know if this book would be counted as a thriller or horror because I try to stay away from books like that. They just aren't my appetite when it comes to books. And I wouldn't call these books paranormal romance, which is what I usually like to read.

But I don't care what labels you put on these books. They are graphic, horrifying, disturbing in every way imaginable, creative, inspirational, totally awesome, and they make you think about what you would do if you were put into that situation.

So of course I love these books. :D

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