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     Since I read a lot of Figment books as well as published books I figured that there's no harm in reviewing the Figment books too, right? So It's something new that I'm going to start. Here a couple of starting reviews I'm going to do after I read them:

The Lightcatcher by Jackie S Falcon

Synopsis: A girl with a strange secret. A boy who has something she wants most of all. A lightcatcher, a starwatcher, a nicklegrinder, and thief. Sentinel balloons reaching high up into the clouds. Books on aerial navigation, a rusty bicycle without brakes, and a bottle of raspberry pop.
*Note: This is a novel-in-progress and a draft. 

Cover below: 

The Lightcatcher

Sing Me Home by Kate DeVantier

I don't have a synopsis for this story, but I do have a cover.

Sing Me Home

Feather by Jane L Black

Again, no synopsis with this story, but yes to a cover.


The Love Game by Alexis Duong

Synopsis: Charlotte and Jaeden are partners in the first season of the Love Game. What is the Love Game? It's a game show where you are assigned a partner, and you do intimate things. The catch is to not fall in love. Charlotte and Jaeden find themselves to be one of the strongest contestants in the game. However, they don't know whether the love they have is fake or not. They also learn that not all people are what they seem to be. As the game progresses on, Charlotte and Jaeden find something terrifying that may cost their lives.
The Love Game

First Moon by Maile Burnett

Synopsis: Lily Levitia comes from an ancient family of rich vampire hunters. But her life isn't exactly happy. She is constantly having to avoid death. She isn't sure vampires are soulless beings. Her parent's don't love her and her sister is a psychopath. Still, she gets on with life with the help of her friends. Until, that is, things shatter on the night of First Moon. Can her newfound feelings for David Venice help her come to terms with the truth of her life and her world?
This is a work in progress

First Moon

Memoirs of an Evil Henchman by Liv

No synopsis. Cover below.

Memoirs of an Evil Henchman

Semi-conscious Reasoning by Tronks

Synopsis: In the midst of his grieving, a new psychologist joins Daniel Phillip's office; with him comes a patient unlike any he's ever dealt with before and Dan soon finds that he must face himself before he can move forward.

Semi-conscious Reasoning

Matchmaker Matchmaker by whiterose

Synopsis: He’s a matchmaker, he connects the clients with their perfect targets. Cash on delivery. When an order comes in from a client looking for someone to care for their son, he looks for someone different, someone through whom to make his mark.
Caroline Seeley is a nurse. She embraces life with buoyant energy and in everything, from her work to her theatre to her loved ones, she lives to the fullest. But Caro Seeley is hiding a secret, something even she will not acknowledge. And while Caro deals with life and death on a daily basis, this secret might lead to a death she cannot prevent – her own.
A/N: This is a first draft

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Hopefully I will have a chance to read and review these books and more in the near future.



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