The Sunday Post #31

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It's been a little crazy lately, so I apologize for the brief comments. I've been traipsing through England and Scotland, visiting family and traveling on holiday. I've been thinking of starting a feature on my blog, I'm just a little unsure as to what to do. Obviously I want something unique but bookish, and I'd only want to do it once a month.

Since I travel all over the world on a fairly regular basis, I've thought about involving that in a feature, maybe. It just needs to be bookish to involve my blog. Maybe a book for each place I've been (whether it be city, state or country) or that I want to go (I'd LOVE to go to Rio). Maybe have a book that reminds me of the country/place or is similar.

I don't know. I mean, it has to involve people and capture their interests. Do you think people would be interested and would want to participate? I mean, the bookish part would be kind of complicated. Any ideas?

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Steph from said...

I don;t recognize any of the books listed. Isn't it amazing that I can work on book blogging all day and night and still be in the dark. Hope you will drop in:

Lola R said...

You can also just start a travel related feature, I mean it's your blog, you don't have to involve anything bookish. Or you could choose a book that takes place in that country or something like that. I recently joined a meme about gaming, there's nothing bookish about it, but it's still fun and the ones who started the meme still got quite some comments on it. And if your feature doesn't work out, you can also stop again, just give it a try :).

I visited engeland and scotland once on vacation and would love to visit again, I especially love scotland with all it's wild nature. It's such a beautifull country! I haven't been to many places in england yet and would love to go there once on vacation again.

Greg said...

I like the idea of a travel related feature, whether it involves books or not. You could do a write up on a particular place or trip you really liked. Anything bookish is a bonus!

Enjoy your holiday...

Fiza Halliwell said...

You've reviewed The Fault In Our Stars? This I've got to read :D
Have a great week!

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