Fromage by Kathleen Donovan + Giveaway


Genre: Middle Grade Adventure
Date Published: January 1st 2014


Fromage wishes to continue the family tradition of being a rat chaser on a ship but Mama Cat feels that rat catching is not a ladylike profession. When Fromage sneaks off to begin her adventures, she makes friends with an orphaned Scottish rat named Aloysius much to the dismay of her conventional Mama. Papa cat, however prepares his daughter and her new friend for a life of excitement by having a young lad named D'Artagnan teach them both how to swordfight. When they travel to meet the Queen of France, they meet up with a very lovely but naughty mermaid and a band of robbers. All of their quick thinking and sword fighting skills are needed to insure their survival.

I don't normally feature middle grade books on my blog, even though I've said I'm fine with doing just that. But this book is special. My grandmother wrote it. I published it for her and am currently helping her market it. But I've read it. And I gotta say, its good. And we book bloggers know what we're talking about, right? I'm not saying this because she's my grandmother either.

I have a proposition.

I love when things start like that, don't you? Anyways, any book blogger out there who would be interested in a free copy of Fromage to review will receive one. Just send me a link to your blog and an email asking for a copy. But please, do NOT pirate m grandmothers book. If you look to see what pages I have, you'll notice I have an anti-piracy page. So, no pirating.

Happy reading!

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Fromage by Kathleen  Donovan


by Kathleen Donovan

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