Secrets of the Moon by Kristy Centeno

Secrets of the MoonSecrets of the Moon by Kristy Centeno
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Publisher: Inkspell Publishing            
Date Published: July 7th 2013
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Honestly? I was incredibly surprised by this book. It blew me away. And that's saying a lot, considering how many werewolf books I've read. Werewolves are my favorite supernatural/paranormal/fantasy creatures. But this book, oh boy, they were so different from any of the other werewolf books I've read.

Marjorie Emery was in a car crash because she was driving way above the speed limit and she was drunk. It didn't help that a herd of deer and a huge furry beast appeared in the middle of the road. All of her friends came out alive, as well as Marjorie, but one friend who (very stupidly) wasn't wearing a seatbelt could no longer walk and of course she blames Marjorie.

Skip forward thirteen months later and Marjorie is a changed person. And then walks in Kyran. Hottie, and suddenly a possible love interest for Marjorie. Quiet, and not so interested in the people around him, well, except for Marjorie, Kyran is a mystery. As events unfold and people go missing, animals get mauled to death things start to click in place for Marjorie.

Okay, so this is probably the most grotesque teen werewolf book I've ever read. And if I'm being completely honest, it's a nice change from all of the sappy werewolf books where the werewolves are as dangerous as little puppies. This is a real werewolf book. There is the romance, but there is also a probable werewolf. It's a believable story.

The things I think could've been improved: When her dog and her horse die Marjorie doesn't seem all that concerned. She thinks something along the lines of 'Yeah, that dog is definitely dead.' And 'The horrifying site of my mauled horse.' But no real despair. If something had happened to my dog or one of my horses, or even one of my chickens, I'd be in tears for days. Though I can understand that she was more concerned with her life at that moment, but still. There are gaps in the story. I kept wondering 'Which one ate her horse?' And 'Who is stalking her here, and who is stalking her there?' A fair few questions were left unanswered, so I sincerely hope there will be another book to answer those questions. If there isn't I will be severely disappointed.

Now for the things I liked about the story: The characters were believable. I hate it when authors make them transparent and clichéd. This story had real characters that I can picture in my head. As I said before, the werewolves felt more believable than any werewolves in any story I've ever read before. I liked the love story. Though I hope there isn't a love triangle between Marjorie and Kyran and Alexis. I liked both Kyran and Alexis, but I have no idea whose side I'd be on if it came down to that.

I also think I know who the alpha of the rogue werewolves is. I'm not going to voice my suspicions, in case I am right. Read the story yourself and come up with your own conclusions.

Overall, a wonderful story that I hope will continue into another book. A story doesn't have to be perfect and polished and full of light to be a good story. This book has a dark side to it, and I think that's part of what made it a good book. I think it gave a different side of pseudo-reality that you simply don't get in most young adult werewolf books. Now there are plenty of horror books with scary werewolves, but this isn't a horror book. This is the real werewolf YA.

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Teenager Marjorie Emery eluded death. As she struggles to get her life back on track, she believes her efforts are paying off. Yet, when a black dressing, unfriendly, and incredibly handsome hottie walks into her classroom, she’s forced into a tailspin. Marjorie has no idea how much his presence is going to shatter what little tranquility she’s achieved.

Kyran Rousseau’s gloomy nature has a name, one that is potentially fatal under the right circumstances. His family harbors secrets and does everything to protect Kyran. While, he doesn’t want to ruin Marjorie’s normal life, love has a way of changing his plans.

Falling for Kyran is the least of Marjorie’s worries. With a faceless threat hunting her and a boyfriend who's as dangerous as he is good looking—how can Marjorie and Kyran keep all hell from breaking loose before it’s too late?


That really was an awesome book. I hope some of you guys read it because it's not getting a lot of attention but I know it deserves a ton of attention. It really is a great book, and I plan on helping to promote it a bit with social media. I'd love it if you guys could read the book and help me promote it, because I'm sure you'd love it.

Thanks! And happy reading!



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