Avon Walk In DC

     Hey everyone. In May I'll be doing the Avon Walk to help raise money for breast cancer. I'd really appreciate it if everyone one of you could show your support by donating to the cause. It'll be fun and it'll help people who need it.
     I don't know anyone with breast cancer, or cancer of any kind, actually, but I do like to help people. I think this is a just cause worth spending my time and effort and money on, because if it helps someone who needs it, who am I to say no? I love helping people and I really would love it if you could help me help others.
     You can register for a walk near you by clicking here. That will take you you to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer home page. I really hope you'll help support something that can help so many people.
     Maybe you know someone who has breast cancer, or just cancer period. Maybe you don't now, but you might in the future. You never know. Don't cop out now just because you don't know anyone at the moment who has breast cancer. You might one day, and wouldn't you want someone to help the people you care about and to make a difference? Help me help them by supporting me raise money for Avon.

Thank you everyone for your support and kindness. I can guarantee someone somewhere will really appreciate it.



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