Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The first thing that keeps me wondering in this book is 'What is she running away from?' Abby is an interesting character that keeps you guessing and wondering even when you're not reading the book.

That being said, the plot was a little far-fetched for me and there wasn't really an obvious conflict besides what was happening between Abby and Travis. I kept wondering when the book was going to be over.

Don't get me wrong, the books great and all, it just needs something... more. There wasn't really anything besides the relationship between Abby and Travis. It kind of got old, and I got really annoyed at Abby for being so dim-witted at times.

A lot of things in this story were extreme, and not always in a good way. It was a little too fictionally and unrealistic. It's a shame, because the first time I read this I would have given it five stars.

But the more I read it the more I noticed the gaps and the problems and things that just turned me off as a reader. That being said, I did like the idea and a lot of the story did appeal to me.

I think the story needs a little revision, but that's just my opinion.

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