Single Bookworm's Day

Happy valentines day! What's that? You don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend? That's terrible! You're going to spend the day all sad and alone. So, so sad. Well do I have a solution for you. Yes! It's the new insta-boy/girl-friend-in-ator. Just follow these simple steps:

1) Go to the bookstore / library
2) Purchase / borrow a book
3) Go home and get involved in your new boyfriend / girlfriends life (an alternative option to going home is taking your new significant other out on a date. Just picture the romance of having your book eat dinner with you, go to a movie, maybe visit an amusement park)

The book need not be romance. It could be an action book with your dashing hero exploring the Amazonian jungles or an espionage story about your gorgeous woman infiltrating some operation or other. The genre does not matter. It is the character that matters. Without personality a person has nothing, and what good relationship is based off of people with no character? I suppose you may not want a relationship at all. Perhaps this is your chance for a steamy affair.


Have a wonderful day with your new significant other!

P.S. obviously I'm single and feeling for all of the other bookworm's out there without a significant other. But seriously. Romance days suck. So read a book. They're probably better than any significant other anyways *no offense those of you with significant others* And someone should create a meme for book girlfriends. I couldn't find a single one. Anyways, have an awesome day. Ciao.


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